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Curried Chicken Sandwiches

Curried chicken salad with onion, carrot, and crystallized ginger.

I hate mayonnaise. As one might imagine, this makes picnic food and sandwiches rather difficult. Tuna salad, chicken salad, pasta salad, salad dressing – pretty much anything with the word “salad” in it will likely contain mayo, vinegar, or both. Unfortunately, these are many of the same foods that make for good sandwiches or sandwich accompaniments for a picnic.

Happily, in my wanderings through the online world of recipes, looking for chicken salads that did not include mayonnaise, I found several that suggested using plain yogurt instead. Emboldened, I set out to create a simple, relatively healthy curried chicken salad that I could use for future picnics. While the weather wasn’t quite picnic-ready, my recipe did come together very nicely, and I look forward to using it for future excursions!

The day before, finding myself with an overabundance of ginger root, I had actually made some homemade candied ginger (also known as crystallized ginger). It provided some extra sweetness here, and the flavor combination with carrots, onions, and curried chicken was delicious! Even the bread, a Sicilian Green Olive & Hot Cherry Peppers loaf from When Pigs Fly, worked with the rest of the flavors beautifully.

I made my sandwiches open-faced this time for the dual purpose of prettier pictures and to reduce my bread consumption. For a picnic, of course, I would probably make a more traditional sandwich, so it would stay together better during transportation.

As pretty as they look like this, they were very messy to eat!

Curried Chicken Salad
Two boneless, skinless chicken breasts, about 10 ounces
1-2 scallions, thinly sliced
One quarter of a granny smith apple, cored and diced
3 tablespoons of plain yogurt
2-3 teaspoons curry powder
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp ground ginger
Salt & pepper

Cut the chicken into small, bite-sized pieces. Poach in simmering water for 3-5 minutes, until cooked through. Drain. If desired, transfer to another bowl.

Add all other ingredients. Stir into thoroughly combined, adding curry powder, salt, and pepper according to your taste preferences. Chill before serving.

Makes three servings.
Cost per serving: $0.97
Calories per serving: 146

Without any toppings or bread, the curried chicken is both low calorie and delicious!

I served this with one carrot cut into thin strips (julienned), half of a sweet onion sauteed in two teaspoons vegetable oil, and some homemade candied ginger, bringing the cost per serving to $1.31 per person and the calories per serving to 236 per person. However, adding in the bread will easily double your calories and up your cost significantly as well. I am not including bread in my calculations because its calories and cost vary wildly depending on the specific bread that you choose.

On Tweaking:

  • I find that nonfat plain yogurt works quite well in this since the spices, scallion, and apple keep it interesting despite a lack of fat. However, you could also use lowfat or regular plain yogurt if you have a preference.
  • If you’d like to skip the bread, there’s no reason you couldn’t eat the curried chicken as is, with or without other toppings, or pair it with another carb that you prefer.

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