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Review: Trader Jose’s Beef Taquitos

One package of Trader Jose’s beef taquitos, containing ten taquitos.

“Would buy again?” I asked my roommate as we polished off our first taquito each.


I picked these out after trying several frozen dishes from Trader Joe’s in the past, and usually having been pleased, if not impressed. Back when I was younger, my mom would occasionally buy us frozen taquitos to keep in our freezer as a snack, so I had slightly positive if slightly lackluster connotations with them. The only thing of note I can remember about the ones my mom purchased is that they were best consumed largely as a vehicle for copious amounts of sour cream.

I selected the beef taquitos over the chicken ones because they had about 10 fewer calories, slightly less fat, and slightly more protein per taquito. Also, they were the same price, and I get chicken much more often than I have beef so it was time for a change of pace!

Not too shabby for a convenience food!

The package offers three sets of directions: Microwave, pan-frying, and oven. To maximize crispy-ness but not add any extra oil, we went with putting them in the toaster oven. They only took 15 minutes to be heated thoroughly, and when we bit in, they were plenty hot on the inside without having gotten burnt on the outside at all. Always good!

A little bit frosty, but they look promising.

Yay! They crisped up nicely in the oven!

We dipped the baked taquitos in a mixture of plain nonfat greek yogurt, lime juice, and chopped cilantro, which was quite delicious and much healthier than sour cream. The taquitos had a nice flavor and weren’t at all spicy, even for roommate who is sensitive to heat in food. She thought the taquitos were a little “one note” by themselves, but were great with dipping sauce. Personally, I thought they would stand on their own just fine, and my opinion was confirmed when I had some the next morning without anything to dip them in.

Oven-crisped taquitos with homemade yogurt dipping sauce.

We didn’t try the panfrying method, but my roommate did microwave some for lunch the next day. Her verdict was, “Not as good as from an oven, but still quite tasty.”

Nothing can beat fresh-out-of-the-deep-fryer taquitos from a Mexican restaurant, but for a frozen product, these are pretty darn good. If you have any fondness for frozen Mexican food, you’ll probably enjoy these. For $3.99 for 10 (3-4 makes a decent dinner for one person, especially if you have any side dishes), they’re a reasonable price and a solid frozen food option!

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