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A Peek Ahead: July

Delicious cupcakes are just the first of many recipes that will go up next month!

Ovensports is entering its fourth month as an active blog! I’ve been able to keep up with my original goal of posting at least twice a week, which makes me quite happy. I hope you’ve also been enjoying the updates! To keep each and every one of you wonderful readers intrigued, I figured I’d offer up a preview of what lies ahead in July:

  • Patriotic cupcakes: I know, who isn’t making these right now? Still, I was able to give mine an unusual twist, something a little more exciting than just topping them with red & blue fruits. These will probably be posted the soonest so that they’re in time for the Fourth of July!
  • Chicken sandwiches: An easy alternative to hamburgers. No grill required!
  • Summer curry: I first made this Thai-inspired curry several weeks ago, but unfortunately due to a camera glitch, we weren’t able to get pictures of it. It’s bright, full of fresh vegetables, and contains no animal products!
  • Shrimp dishes: I haven’t made anything with shrimp before, but my roommate loves it, so I’m going to try out a couple of different recipes with some cooked shrimp from Trader Joe’s.
  • Vegan carrot muffins: I tried to make a lovely-looking recipe from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook last week, but I tried to change too many things about the recipe in my first attempt! The muffins weren’t bad (my roommate and partner happily nommed the results), but they weren’t quite as good as I know they could be. I’ll be trying this recipe again in July, sticking more closely to the proportions in the cookbook!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to the month ahead! If you have any suggestions for recipes you’d like to see me make, please feel free to comment here or send me an email!

This batch of carrot muffins was a tiny bit too dense, and not quite sweet enough, so I will remake them to perfect my variation on the original recipe!

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