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My First Foodie Penpal

Look at all these tasty things!

Despite running a food blog, I’m still not very connected within the foodie community, local, online, or otherwise. This month I’ve been taking some baby steps to fix that, such as participating in a local food swap, and by signing up for the Foodie Penpal Program!

My penpal, Tawny, sent me an awesome box of goodies! The coconut bun is missing from these pictures, as it was the first thing I ate: Absolutely delicious! I love coconut and baked goods, so this was just perfect!

These candies look hard but are actually somewhat squishy. Also, check out the cute sauce dishes they’re in! It was really thoughtful of Tawny to send something I could use over and over along with all the edible treats!

Also included were some cute little packages of gum, which you can see to the left of the candies. Behind them is a small pineapple cream cake; this was really tasty too! Next to it was a red bean filled cake. I had never tried a red bean filled pastry before, so I’m really glad I got the opportunity. I think it’s a bit of an acquired taste, but I can understand why some people like it!

Toast superhero made out of chocolate on a stick! So whimsical; it made me smile!

These cookies were really good. You can’t see from this picture, but there were actually several different types, including some that were panda-shaped and some containing sesame seeds!


Finally, Tawny included a really thoughtful note! Much nicer looking than the one I wrote to my penpal, I must admit!

Thank you, Tawny, for being a great foodie penpal! 🙂

Want to see what I sent my foodie penpal? Want to participate next month?

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